ITZY Reveal Which Of Their Members Loves To Talk The Most

They all picked the same member.

In light of their comeback with “CRAZY IN LOVE, their first full-length album, the members of ITZY guest-starred on MBC FM4U’s Noon’s Hope Song where they revealed which member likes to talk the most.


When the show’s host, Kim Shin Young, asked, “Who talks the most in the group?” Without hesitation, every member pointed to Lia. Yuna adorably teased Lia and shared that she does talk a lot and often times the conversation can be more focused on Lia than the actual topic.

Lia likes to talk. But most of the times, she talks about the same thing: Herself.

— Yuna

Lia then clarified why it is she speaks a lot. Lia explained that while she does talk a lot, it’s only to make sure everything is talked about such as the situation, the future plan, and their feelings.

It’s not true at all. I also like to listen to others, but that’s the reason for the long conversations. I’ve always been told to simply talk about the purpose. The way I talk about it, I have to talk about the situation, and I have to talk about the furniture layout. I want to empathize with my feelings.

— Lia

Ryujin added that the way Lia discusses things is, of course, helpful; however, when Lia gets emotional, she can start to repeat herself a lot.

I like it when she’s talking about how to rearrange furniture and stuff. When she tries to lead us toward a goal, it goes somewhere. But when she’s emotional, upset, or excited, she repeats the same thing over and over. Then it gets exhausting pretty quickly.

— Ryujin

Chaeryeong agreed with Ryujin and lovingly teased that whenever they think they understand what Lia is saying, it’s actually a misunderstanding.

And we try to agree with her. Except, when we try to relate like, ‘Oh, so this and that is what you’re talking about. Right?’ She insists it isn’t

— Chaeryeong

Source: Newsen