ITZY Reveals How MIDZY Influenced Their Latest Album

MIDZY are always on ITZY’s mind!

Right now, ITZY may not be able to meet MIDZY face-to-face but the love they have for their fans is unstoppable. From their Instagram posts to their livestream interactions, any chance ITZY gets to share some love for MIDZY they do! Even their latest album was created with their love of MIDZY in mind.


Connecting with J-14 magazine for a Q&A session, ITZY covered all kinds of topics ranging from artists they’d like to collaborate with to their Not Shy album. And when it comes to their latest album, they soon revealed how big of an inspiration MIDZY have been for the new music!

| J-14 Magazine/YouTube

Asked how much MIDZY influenced the new album, Yeji didn’t hesitate to share just how much fans mean to them saying, “I was happy to work on this album because we will be able to show MIDZY what we want to show them. MIDZY are always the biggest momentum for us.”

With MIDZY giving them energy and being a positive influence, ITZY also wanted to give fans lots of energy with their music as Lia revealed.

It was sad that I couldn’t meet MIDZY face to face, but we worked hard so that our MIDZY would get our energy and we were thinking that our music should be helpful for people in this hard time.

— Lia

Finding inspiration from MIDZY and sharing plenty of energy and love with them, there’s no doubt that ITZY and MIDZY’s connection is truly special! Check out what else ITZY had to say about MIDZY and more in the video below: