ITZY Reveals The Original Lyrics For Yuna’s Rap In “Mafia In The Morning”

Which version of the lyrics do you like more?

Yuna‘s rap in ITZY‘s latest song, “Mafia In The Morning” (also known as “In the morning”) has gotten a mixed response from the public due to its lyrics. The lyrics, which were written by Park Jin Young (JYP), were criticized as childish.

More like an actor than an actor, a fox that toys with a wolf. You wouldn’t be able to see a single clue, but I’m saying I have it all planned, go.

— Yuna, “Mafia In The Morning”

On a recent live stream, the girls shared that the original lyrics for the rap were just a little bit different. While Yeji acted out the choreography, Ryujin shared that the line “a fox that toys with a wolf” was actually meant to be “a fox stars in my acting“.

A follow-up from the previous line about how she acts better than an actor, a fox in Korean culture is meant to be wily and persuasive. Having a fox star in one’s acting, means that one is able to convince anyone easily!

Much befitting of the “mafia game” theme, don’t you think? Which lyrics did you like more? Either way, check out Yuna slaying her rap below.