ITZY’s Ryujin Shocks Fans With Her Flawless Figure And Unreal Proportions In Unedited Images From Their US Tour

There must be something about the water in America!

ITZY is one of the hottest girl groups in K-Pop and always receives love from fans worldwide. Many netizens feel they can relate to the members and, despite being global superstars, they seem like “The Girl Next Door.”

Recently, Ryujin has gained attention for her flawless figure and proportions while in America.

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Since debuting, Ryujin has always gained attention for her talent, dazzling visuals, and charisma. Throughout the years, Ryujin has also been praised for her beautiful and healthy figure.

Recently, an image of ITZY has gone viral, which just showcased the silhouettes of all the members. Although they all showcased their visuals without even seeing their faces, Ryujin caught fans’ attention with her unreal body shape and proportions.

| Nate Pann

| Nate Pann

Yet, even though it was the viral image of the silhouette that Ryujin gained attention for, it seems like there might be something in the water in America. Throughout her time in the US, it seems as all people can really talk about is Ryujin.

At the end of October, when ITZY first arrived in America, they surprised fans when they joined J.Y. Park for his Random Play Dance. 


During the event, the members were chatting to fans, and Ryujin particularly wowed netizens with her lean physique and unreal proportions. With her short hair, low-waisted pants, and handkerchief top, Ryujin looked like a true #GirlCrush.

Now that ITZY is performing to fans across America, it seems as if all people can talk about is Ryujin and her amazing body. No matter where they go, fans are posting unedited and stunning images of the idol, showcasing her abs and figure.

| @wingzero1218/Twitter

Yet, like in the past, the idol also seems healthy in the images, which fans have praised her for considering that sometimes idols will go to extreme lengths to fit beauty standards but can come across as unhealthy. Even when posting on social media, Ryujin showcases her wonderful figure.

When pictures were shared of Ryujin, netizens couldn’t stop sharing how obsessed they were the idol.

ITZY’s Ryujin is someone who can be everyone’s girl crush but also someone you want to be friends with. Although many fans worried that Ryujin had lost a lot of weight, she seems to be maintaining a healthy lifestyle and gaining praise at the same time.

You can read more about the viral silhouette picture below.

ITZY Goes Viral For A Photo Of Their Silhouettes, Showcasing Their Unreal Visuals

Source: Pann Nate

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