ITZY’s Ryujin Cracks Fans Up With Her Australian Accent Impression

She nailed the recent trend 😂

Considering she’s lived in South Korea her whole life, ITZY Ryujin‘s incredible English skills have long impressed fans—but MIDZYs didn’t know she could do such a hilariously adorable Australian accent impression too!

During ITZY’s recent withdrama video call fansign event, lucky Australia-based K-Pop group order master K-Pop Bazaar got the chance to chat with Ryujin. Naturally, K-Pop Bazaar wanted to know how the star would feel about holding a concert in Australia.

ITZY’s Ryujin | @kpopbazaar/Twitter

Much to the delight of all the Aussie MIDZYs out there, Ryujin responded, “I haven’t been to Australia until now, but I really wanna go there.” She went on to reveal just why she’s always thought about traveling to the country.

| @kpopbazaar/Twitter

When I was training,” she explained, “there were so many Australians around me.” Interestingly, many Korean Australian idols seem to be drawn to JYP Entertainment. Stray KidsBang Chan and Felix, for example, both grew up in Sydney, Australia. Plus, ITZY also trained alongside a half-Korean, half-Australian aspiring idol named Lily Morrow—a trainee many fans are hoping will be part of new girl group JYPn.

| @kpopbazaar/Twitter

Lily was Australian too, and Stray Kids’ Chris [Bang Chan] and also Felix—they are all Australians.

— Ryujin

Ryujin told K-Pop Bazaar that she has a good impression of Australia because of her labelmates—but not before she gave her adorable impression of an Australian accent! Hear it for yourself here…

Their pronunciation was always, ‘naur~,” like this.

— Ryujin

Ryujin’s impression is only made funnier by the recent playful “naur” trend sweeping Gen Z, which claims that this is how Australians pronounce “no.” “Naur” began sweeping the internet when the Australian tween show H20: Just Add Water re-rose to prominence on TikTok, but it later reached full-blown meme status—in part because of Stray Kids’ Bang Chan himself. In a live broadcast, fellow member Changbin pointed out the accent, and Bang Chan couldn’t unhear it.

Another idol who contributed to the trend was BLACKPINK‘s Rosé. She and Lisa were also heard exchanging “naurs” in a live stream.

Judging by how the true Australians say “no,” do you think Ryujin nailed it with her impression?