ITZY’s Ryujin Explains Why She And Her Members Have To “Stay Thin”

“Our jobs require us to strive for aesthetic beauty and to stay thin” – Ryujin

Fourth generation stars ITZY came back with their latest release, “Not Shy”, today (August 17), and it’s already garnering tons of attention and praise. Of course, the group’s road to success hasn’t been easy. In ITZY’s live premiere broadcast, Ryujin talked about the pressures of staying thin as an idol, and why she feels ITZY need to do so.

Above all else, ITZY is known for showstopping performances. Their comebacks so far have all focused on high-octane choreography, and they always give it their all on stage. As such, it’s no surprise that so much attention is focused on their bodies.

Ryujin told fans that beauty is considered an important part of being an idol. To succeed in their jobs, Ryujin says ITZY must strive for good looks and a low body weight.

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Our jobs require us to strive for aesthetic beauty and to stay thin.

— Ryujin

But while aesthetics are expected, Ryujin says that’s not the main reason the group needs to stay thin. She went on to explain that having a slim body is more about the performance.

According to Ryujin, a slim figure makes choreography more eye-catching. On top of that, if the ITZY members weren’t thin, Ryujin says they wouldn’t be able to wear the same styling choices they have now.

It’s not like “idol stars have to be thin” just because. It’s about the performance. Being on the thinner side will make the dancing better to look at, and you can wear a broader spectrum of costumes.

— Ryujin

Ryujin says that “[being] prettier shouldn’t be the reason why” idols stay thin. Instead, she says that amplifying ITZY’s performances is the main concern.

These are the kind of reasons we stay thin. It’s not so much focused on being thin no matter what.

— Ryujin

After watching Ryujin’s story, many MIDZYs were concerned and disappointed that staying thin is considered an expectation for idols.

Thankfully, it is possible to maintain a slim figure in a healthy way. Since ITZY’s choreographies are so intense, they likely double up as a workout and exercise regime for the members.

On top of that, in their first live broadcast after debut, ITZY talked about their eating habits. They explained that they all eat in a way that suits them, from Yeji‘s preference for frequent snacking to Lia‘s slow and steady eating.

Chaeryeong told fans she loves nutritious foods like corn, sweet potatoes, and chestnuts. Yuna, meanwhile, said she loves cooking even though she’s “not good at it“. Her favorite recipe was revealed to be strawberry jam and peanut butter on toast with scrambled eggs—a good mix of carbs, protein, and sweet treats.

So, despite the pressures imposed on them, it seems that the ITZY members know the importance of staying healthy and listening to their bodies. As for Ryujin, the main rapper told fans watching the live broadcast that although she was warned of how difficult idol life would be, it only made her stronger.

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It’s not that hard? That’s what I was thinking… I’m just having fun, was also what I was thinking too.

— Ryujin

Source: ITZY/YouTube