ITZY’s Ryujin Gains Attention Online For “Handsome” Visuals At Korea University Performance

“This Ryujin was absolutely legendary.”

On May 25, ITZY put on a fantastic performance at Korea University, performing some of their biggest hits like “DALLA DALLA”, “Mafia in the Morning”, and “WANNABE”.

All of the members looked gorgeous in more casual, sporty outfits, but one that seemed to stand out in particular was Ryujin!

Ryujin (ITZY) | Pann Nate

Dressed in a Korea University crop top with her iconic shoulder-length hairstyle and fresh, light makeup, some words used to positively describe the ITZY member include both “pretty” and “handsome”.

| Pann Nate

Her energy and charisma on the stage only added to her charming and captivating aura, which was captured even through cameras for those who couldn’t attend the event.

| Pann Nate
| Pann Nate
| Pann Nate

There’s a reason she’s also so well-known for being a strong dancer in a group of strong dancers, and she looked totally comfortable on stage during ITZY’s performances.



She’s positively glowing in these gifs taken from the event!


Her visuals became the topic of a post on an online forum, where Korean netizens praised her handsome/pretty appearance.

| Pann Nate
  • “She’s the OG ‘handsome-pretty’.”
  • “Wow, she has such pure beauty.”
  • “I hope everyone gets to know how pretty and nice and handsome and funny Ryujin is.”
  • “Shin Ryujin, you’re f*cking amazing, and I love you so much!”
  • “This reminds me of her MIXNINE/DALLA DALLA era… F*cking gorgeous nonetheless.”

International fans chimed in with their opinions as well, praising her styling for this performance for just how well it suits her!

Ryujin really just seems to get more and more stunning every day!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa