Here’s How ITZY Ryujin’s Frequent Hair Dying Has Changed The State Of Her Hair

Colorful hair takes a lot of work!

ITZY has explored many styles over the past few years, which has led to some incredibly chic looks. For Ryujin, this has led to a plethora of hair colors. In a recent interview, she revealed just how much toll all those hair colors have taken on her.

Ryujin | ITZY/Facebook

Seventeen asked the group about hair colors during their Then vs. Now interview. Ryujin took over the question as her hair has been through the most of all of the members.

She began by explaining that she hadn’t dyed her hair much in the past, so it had been jet black, her natural color, for years.

Ryujin | ITZY/Facebook

In the past few years, Ryujin has tried many colors, including Blonde, Pink, and Blue.

Ryujin | ITZY/Facebook

Ryujin jokingly explained that because of all of these fun colors, “My hair condition now is trash.”

However, this isn’t entirely the fault of the hair dye. Ryujin explained that she had a significant part to play in the state of her hair. “I was a little bit lazy,uen, so I didn’t do conditioner,” she said to the shock of Lia and her other members.

Ryujin summed up the situation by simply saying, “I made this.”

The state of Ryujin’s hair is a good warning for anyone with dyed hair to keep up with their hair care routine. To see the rest of ITZY’s Then vs. Now interview, check out the video below: