ITZY’s Ryujin Reveals Her Go-To Method For Memorizing Dance Moves

She shared her secret tip to remembering choreographies!

ITZY and Kim Shin Young‘s alter ego, Second Aunt Kim Davi, released their collaboration song titled “Break Ice”, and Ryujin revealed her go-to trick to perform choreographies perfectly!

Ryujin |

On an episode of MBC‘s The Manager, Second Aunt Kim Davi and the members of ITZY can be seen shooting the bubbly choreography for their collab single, “Break Ice”!

While the shooting mostly went off without a hitch, Second Aunt Kim Davi had one part of the choreography that she, unfortunately, kept messing up! When they were all supposed to jump with their legs together, Kim Davi kept mixing up the moves at that part!

As she struggled with the choreography, Ryujin then gave her a tip; pinch the arm on whichever side the move has to be done first!

Auntie, this is just my method. Pinch the part. The part that you have to do [for the dance move]. Since that part hurts, you end up doing it first.


While reviewing the episode, Yeji further explained how it works!

You pinch that part, and when you start, you remember the side that hurts.


To help her along, Chaeryeong hilariously pinched her left ear, and it turns out it worked! Second Aunt Kim Davi completed the entire choreography, from top to bottom, with no more mistakes for the rest of the filming!

The rest of the cast cheered as she completed the routine, and exclaimed over how this method actually works!

ITZY and Second Aunt Kim Davi released their new song “Break Ice”.

Watch the whole thing here!