ITZY Ryujin’s Reaction Is Priceless After A Netizen Referred To Themselves As Her “Girlfriend”

They need to get to the back of the line!

When it comes to K-Pop, each idol has their unique charms that make them irresistible to netizens. Whether it is their talent, charisma, or good looks, each artist has a special quality that makes them loved by millions of fans worldwide.

One idol who literally is all three, and more, is ITZY‘s Ryujin!

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Since debuting, Ryujin has gained attention for her flawless talent (which means she is basically an all-rounder) and her handsome good looks, which make her a top candidate when it comes to being the ultimate girl crush.

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Well, it seems as if, despite Korea being conservative when it comes to the topic of sexuality, Ryujin is embracing her title as the “ultimate girl crush” in K-Pop, and netizens cannot get enough!

On February 4, Ryujin went live with fans to chat about everything from what she’s been doing recently, her reaction to Stray KidsBang Chan watching her broadcast, and more.

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One clip has particularly gone viral on social media from the broadcast, and it was the moment when a MIDZY (ITZY’s fanbase) was being flirty with Ryujin. Of course, there is no denying that Ryujin is stunning, and fans weren’t afraid to share their love for the idol.


However, one fan cemented their status as epic with their own comment to Ryujin. While reading the comments, a fan commented, “Me? I’m Ryujin’s future girlfriend!” As soon as Ryujin read it, she couldn’t stop laughing at the boldness of the fan.


Yet, it was Ryujin’s response that fans couldn’t get enough of. Rather than brush the comment off or move on, Ryujin couldn’t help but reply to the fan.

Not just a non-celebrity girlfriend, but a future girlfriend who came on a time machine. How many girlfriends do I have?

— Ryujin


As expected, when the clip was shared online, fans couldn’t get enough of Ryujin’s reaction to the clip. It seems as if she is aware of the love she receives from female fans, and it has got to the point where she has lost track of the number of netizens referring to themselves as her girlfriend.

Others joked that there was now a long list of people who wanted to have the title of “Ryujin’s girlfriend.”

Although the netizen gained attention for their remark, it seems as if they might have to get to the back of the queue. There is definitely a long list of netizens who would happily be Ryujin’s girlfriend and many who would fight for the opportunity.

You can read more about the live broadcast below.

ITZY Ryujin’s Reaction To Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Watching Her Live Broadcast Is Priceless

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