ITZY Ryujin’s Reaction To Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Watching Her Live Broadcast Is Priceless

Her explanation is too hilarious. 😂

During ITZY Ryujin‘s recent live broadcast, an unexpected viewer showed up!


Stray KidsBang Chan once revealed that he’s been friends with Ryujin since their early days of being trainees, so the two have built a strong and supportive bond throughout the years.

Ryujin, I’ve been with her since trainee days. We were really close. She’d tell me her thoughts, what she’s going through.

— Bang Chan

When a viewer revealed to Ryujin that Bang Chan was watching, her reaction left fans cracking up!

When she read the things he was saying from fans, she became a little shy at the cute situation.

He said my English improved? Why are you watching~?

— Ryujin

The main reason for her reaction was her concern for why he’d be doing this of all things!

When you have free time there are more interesting things to watch. Why are you watching this, Bang Chan-ssi?

— Ryujin

Fans knew all of this through Bang Chan revealing that the place of live broadcast looked familiar.

When fans asked her about, she discussed that the poster behind her was indeed Stray Kids and that it’s their area.

This room is kind of like the DIY room. Bang Chan sunbae-nim personally pasted it and put tape for the lights like this and all.

— Ryujin

This isn’t anywhere near the first time Bang Chan has showed his support for Ryujin and the rest of ITZY. He also recently praised her “Artist of the Month” dance performance for Studio Choom. We’re living for the sweet interactions of these besties!