ITZY’s Ryujin Reveals Why She Hates Being Compared To Boy Groups In Compliments

“These don’t exactly sound like compliments to me” – Ryujin

ITZY’s latest comeback, “Not Shy”, was just released on August 17, and it’s already being showered with praise. In true ITZY fashion, the choreography in particular is attracting attention for its intensity and complexity. But if you think “Not Shy” looks “difficult for a girl group“, think again. During the comeback’s live premiere broadcast, Ryujin explained why she doesn’t like being compared to boy groups when it comes to compliments.

Ryujin started by telling fans that the ITZY members spend “a lot” of time practicing. In fact, they have rehearsals for their stages almost every day. So, unsurprisingly, it means a lot to them when the audience is impressed.

| ITZY/YouTube

However, Ryujin went on to say that some of the compliments she gets for the group’s performances don’t really feel like compliments at all. She revealed that after their stages, ITZY often hear things like, “Your performance seems difficult for a girl group“, or even “too cool to be a girl group’s [performance]“.

But while these remarks may sound like praise at first, Ryujin explained that the boy group comparisons take away from the compliment, making it seem like girl groups are in some way inferior.

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“For a girl group” feels like it’s implying we’re a little better than they expected…? It didn’t really feel like a big compliment. We weren’t doing this thinking, “That’ll do because we’re girls.”

— Ryujin

Always the sweetheart, Ryujin said she always thanks people for these “compliments” because she knows they mean well. But truthfully, she just wishes people would see ITZY’s stages for what they are—impressive on their own, regardless of what the typical boy group does.

| Karen May

That’s my hope. It’s different from “I wish they liked it”. Just how it is? Without adding anything else. Think and feel what you see…

— Ryujin

Whether the audience likes their performances or not, Ryujin wants to be judged as ITZY and nothing more, without having to constantly hear backhanded comments like, “It looks too straining for a girl group“.

Just… “They’re good”. “They’re cool”. Something like that? I want to be complimented… without our performances being relative to anything else.

— Ryujin

Source: ITZY/YouTube