ITZY’s Ryujin Uploads Her “Kiss My A** Goodbye” TikTok Challenge

Her challenge would have gone even more viral if she could have posted it to TikTok…

On the 26th of January, ITZY‘s Ryujin took to VLIVE to talk with fans.

Along with song covers and chatting with fans, Ryujin took the opportunity to demonstrate her knowledge of current TikTok trends.

She proved that she was up to date with not only K-Pop trends. As she demonstrated both by effortlessly pulling off Kep1er‘s “Wa Da Da” challenge.


As well as the iconic hand choreography of IVE‘s “ELEVEN.”


But Ryujin also proved that she was up to date with non-K-Pop trends.

She also showed off her “Kiss My A** Goodbye” challenge for fans.


The challenge is to the audio of Meghan Trainor‘s song “Title.”

The artist herself has a video of her doing the challenge, which is the original video under the main sound on the TikTok app.


Available EVERYWHERE tomorrow 🥳 #Title

♬ Title – Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor | @meghantrainor/TIkTok 

And in her VLIVE, Ryujin said that she and Chaeryeong learned the challenge together, and she wanted to upload the video.

But since JYP Entertainment runs ITZY’s TikTok and the artists mostly use the platform to promote their own songs, that isn’t really an option.

Still, Ryujin managed to find a way to share her cover with fans. Sending them a video of her doing the challenge on her Bubble (an app that lets idols message fans).

Some fans joked about Ryujin sending a video that didn’t include Chaeryeong.

But they found it more entertaining that Ryujin didn’t even bother to upload it on TikTok at all, simply choosing the most convenient platform that allowed her creative freedom.

Of course, they also focused on her visuals in the video.

She looked radiant in the sunlight, and her facial expressions left her fans stunned.

Along with her cuteness.

And of course, some fans were focused on how if she had been able to upload it on a popular video platform, like TikTok or even Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, the video would have easily gone viral.

And clearly all her fans are hoping that the idol gets the chance to publish as many TikTok challenge videos as she wants on the official app.