ITZY’s Ryujin Proves Why She’d Be The Queen Of TikTok In Recent VLIVE

Ryujin would definitely go viral if she uploaded the “Kiss My A** Goodbye” challenge!

ITZY‘s Ryujin is no stranger to TikTok as the idol often uploads content with the other members of ITZY, usually promoting their songs.

They create dance challenges for the app.




ITZY’s Ryujin and Chaeryeong | @itzyofficial/TikTok 

And even some cool editing challenges like for their song “SWIPE.”




| @itzyofficial/TikTok 

But recently, Ryujin went on VLIVE to chat with fans, and she proved why, if JYP Entertainment allowed her to have her own account, she could take the spot of the queen of TikTok.

Even though she doesn’t have her own account and ITZY doesn’t usually upload TikTok challenge videos outside of their own…

Ryujin proved in the VLIVE that she stays on top of the app’s popular trends.

She easily did a seated version of Kep1er‘s “Wa Da Da” challenge.


She also instantly knew every move for IVE‘s “ELEVEN” viral TikTok challenge.


And she even jumped on a non-K-Pop trend, doing the “Kiss My A** Goodbye” challenge.


Fans, of course, we’re not only surprised but really excited to see how well versed Ryujin is in TikTok trends.

And they can only hope that one day Ryujin can upload all the challenge videos she wants and take over the whole app with her talent.