ITZY’s Ryujin And Yeji Are Set To Perform On Studio Choom Together, and MIDZYs Can’t Contain Their Excitement

The hype is real!

Last year, ITZY‘s Yeji and Ryujin both took K-Pop fans’ breath away with their individual performances for Studio Choom‘s “Artist of the Month” series.

Yeji took the title for “Artist of the Month” in March 2021 with her dance performance to “River” by Bishop Briggs, while Ryujin showed her skills dancing to “Therefore I Am” by Billie Eilish when she was “Artist of the Month” for November 2021.

Yeji’s is still the most-watched of the series with over 40 million views, while Ryujin’s is third with nearly 20 million.

| @ITZYofficial/Twitter

Chaeryeong has also made an appearance on the series for the month of August 2021 with her performance to Camila Cabello‘s “Cry For Me”.

Recently, Studio Choom has added a new series to their channel called “Mix and Max”, which involves two members of the same K-Pop group performing together. So far, ENHYPEN‘s Jungwon and Ni-ki have taken part in this new development!

And just a couple of hours ago, Yeji and Ryujin were announced to be the next pairing to appear on “Mix and Max”!

It’s no surprise that two of the best female dancers in modern K-Pop are the second duo to appear on the series, but MIDZYs are still understandably extremely excited to see this pair perform together!

Make sure to keep an eye out for updates on this performance to see when gets released and what song(s) they’re going to dance to!!