ITZY’s Yeji And Ryujin Had A Playful Fight, And It Left Yeji Sulking

They forgot their “fight” in no time. 😂

Fighting is a sign of friendship! Like the buddies they are, ITZY‘s Ryujin and Yeji got into a playful squabble in Episode 77 of ITZY? ITZY!

Ryujin (Left) and Yeji (Right) | ITZY/YouTube

In the episode, viewers were able to see the filming of their Maybelline commercial. Before Ryujin was due on set, she conversed with Yeji who was getting ready for her turn.

The latter showed her support, saying, “Good luck!”

Ryujin pretended to act cold. Instead of returning the greeting, she told the older member, “I’ll take care of it myself.” The leader couldn’t believe her words! She warned Ryujin, “You need my cheers or you can’t [take care of yourself].”

While turning her back and walking away, Ryujin said, “You’ve never cheered for me before.” As soon as the words came out of her mouth, Yeji’s expression turned to one of shock. The editors aptly put the captions, “What did you say?

Yeji sent Ryujin a message after she departed. She remembered the many times she did, in fact, cheer for her beloved member.

How many times did I, huh? Every time you went, huh? I cheered for you a lot. I did that…

— Yeji

Unsurprisingly, just a few minutes later, the two were best friends once again!

That’s friendship alright! To see their playful banter, check out the full video below.

Source: YouTube