ITZY’s Ryujin Had The Funniest Way Of Proving That The Group Was A True Family, And It Involved… Belly Buttons?

Could you guess what she said?

When it comes to K-Pop groups, with the amount of time the members spend together, it is no surprise that they refer to themselves as a family. From living, rehearsing, and traveling together, a certain bond is created between members, and the same goes for ITZY!

The members of ITZY | @ITZYOfficial/ Twitter

However, it might not have always been like this as familial bonds grow over time, and the members have changed a lot since their trainee days. In a recent interview with Seventeen, ITZY had a look at topics and questions to see if their answers had changed.

The members of ITZY | @ITZYOfficial/ Twitter

In particular, the members looked at how they would define their relationship with each other. Lia explained that, in the past, they would have called themselves “close friends.”

Back then, we used to be close friends. We used to look after each other, very nice, and very kind.

— Lia

Yet, Lia explained that now, they saw themselves more like a family than just friends, which is a lot more sentimental and meaningful. She added that their bond means they can confide in each other more, and the love they have is more subtle than before.

Yeji and Yuna added to Lia’s sentiment by explaining that they would feel the need to ask their members for support or if they needed advice in the past. They said that now, their bond was so close that the members just understood each other and knew when one of them needed someone to talk to.

As heartfelt as the examples were, as expected, one member had a slightly different way of showcasing the bond between ITZY.

Ryujin shared something that was definitely more unique than her members’ picks. She explained that their closeness was shown by a game that involved… belly buttons, specifically Yuna’s belly button.

When we played that game, the belly point game, I succeeded on the first trial!

— Ryujin

The game Ryujin was talking about is when one person has to close their eyes and try to find another person’s belly button. It has become widespread in K-Pop and has showcased the friendship of groups like ATEEZ, NCT, and many more!

Although it might seem like an odd choice of example, it is definitely true proof of showcasing their friendship, but in an unconventional way! You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Seventeen