Icon x Icon? ITZY’s “Dream Collaboration” Is Actually With A Special Non K-Pop Artist

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When it comes to the most iconic groups in the fourth generation of K-Pop, ITZY is always at the top of the list. Since debuting in 2019, the members of this JYP Entertainment group have always caught the attention of netizens for their insane talent, undeniable visuals, and charming personalities.

The members of ITZY | @ITZYOfficial/Twitter

In particular, ITZY has always shined when it comes to their live performances. Whenever they take to the stage, the members always steal the show and showcase just how talented they are.

They’ve also started gaining attention worldwide from some of the hottest stars. In particular, after members Yeji and Ryujin covered Bebe Rexha‘s track “Break My Heart Myself” on Studio Choom, they even released a collaboration of the track.

Yeji and Ryujin covering Bebe Rexha’s song | STUDIO CHOOM/YouTube

They finally managed to meet up with the singer and perform it live during the recent KCON LA event.

Yeji, Bebe Rexha, and Ryujin (from left to right) | @ITZYOfficial/Twitter

As the group’s fame increases, it isn’t surprising that ITZY has even more dreams of collaborating with some of the biggest artists in the world of music. In an exclusive first look at the group’s interview with Spotify K-Pop ON! Track, ITZY had a look at everything from their go-to playlists, favorite food, and much more.

| Spotify K-Pop ON! Track 

In particular, the group was asked what artists they wanted to work with in the future!

| Spotify K-Pop ON! Track

Without even hesitating, Chaeryeong was the first member to have her pick as she cutely explained that she wanted to collaborate with Justin Bieber in the future.

| Spotify K-Pop ON! Track

Lia then explained that a collaboration with the award-winning singer was something that all of the group would like because of their long-standing love for Justin Bieber.

It’s because, ever since we were little, when we were growing up, his song ‘Baby’ was a massive hit. He’s such a huge star and a great example for us to follow.

— Lia

| Spotify K-Pop ON! Track

Although Lia was being professional, Yeji hilariously pointed out that it was also coming from a personal desire, adding, “That may be true, but we really do love him.”

| Spotify K-Pop ON! Track

Chaeryeong then cemented her status as a true “Belieber” as she explained, “We love his voice, his singing, and his dance.”

| Spotify K-Pop ON! Track

It isn’t the first time Chaeryeong has gushed about her desire to work with Justin Bieber. In a past interview, Chaeryeong also didn’t hesitate to name Justin Bieber as her dream collaboration.

| Buzzfeed Celeb/YouTube 

Yet, it now seems as if all the members of ITZY are just as eager to collaborate with the singer as Chaeryeong! Over the years, ITZY has shown their appreciation for the singer in covers, lip-syncing to his songs, and much more. It would definitely be a dream to finally see them collaborate.

As ITZY continues to gain fame and recognition worldwide, collaborating with Justin Bieber would definitely be a dream for not only the members but MIDZYs worldwide!

Watch the full interview below.

Source: Spotify K-Pop ON! Track