ITZY’s Stylist Under Fire, Once Again For Their Mismatched And Unflattering Outfits

“How is it that all of them suck”

ITZY‘s stylist is receiving backlash for the group’s most recent outfits.

ITZY | JYP Entertainment

ITZY recently made an appearance on a radio program by Naver NOW‘s broadcasting network where the girls discussed a variety of different topics. While the members stunned with their gorgeous visuals, their looks weren’t the center of attention this time around. Each member was  dressed in noticeably mismatched outfits, as the color scheme and the concept of their clothes were also noticeably scattered.

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Yeji can be seen wearing an oversized denim jacket with an all white t-shirt and jean short combination. Lia was dressed in a sky blue tank top that is tucked into some funky black and white pants. Ryujin switches it up with a more classic plaid and cropped jacket that was paired with tight, knee-length shorts. Chaeryeong rocked her cropped striped sweater, while Yuna was given a very casual outfit with a zip up sweatshirt and mid-length jean shorts.

In order from left to right: Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, Yuna | Naver NOW

This is not the first time the girls’ stylists were thrown in hot water. The members of ITZY made headlines just a week ago after their appearance on Knowing Bros was broadcasted. Fans were not thrilled with the way they were styled for the show, claiming that their hairstyles and makeup were “tacky.” They also called out the failure of the stylist team for giving the girls wrinkled and unflattering outfits.

ITZY for “Knowing Bros” | The Daily Sports

Netizens were quick to unleash their criticisms towards ITZY’s styling team, as they expressed their frustrations once again.

| Insight

  • “How is it that all of them suck.”
  • “I wish ITZY’s stylist would get rid of those mid-length shorts.”
  • “I think I could do a better job styling them.”
  • “Let’s be real, if you were going out to hang out with your friend, would you wear these outfits or not? Would you pay for these clothes? No, you wouldn’t. Chaeryeong’s outfit is the most decent. Who would go out in public with these clothes. It makes me wonder if JYP doesn’t pay his stylists.”

ITZY had been praised for their cool fits in their previous years, creating additional confusion to their latest styling endeavors.


In related news, ITZY will be making their highly anticipated comeback with “M.A.F.I.A In The Morning” on April 30 so stay tuned for that.

Source: Insight