ITZY Comments On Being Compared To Their Sister Group TWICE

ITZY explained how the two groups are more different than meets the eye.

ITZY recently debuted while receiving an unbelievable amount of love and success for a new girl group!

“We’ve received an overwhelming amount of love. We will work hard to pay it all back.”

— Ryujin


But they’ve frequently been compared to their sister group, TWICE. Perhaps its because they are from the same label with the same amount of visual and talent skills!


During their debut showcase, ITZY members talked about how it was intimidating yet an honor to be compared to their label seniors.

“We’d be lying if we said it wasn’t [intimidating]. We will need to work hard so that we don’t tarnish the title of a girl group.”

— Ryujin


Chaeryeong noted that although they may have similarities, the two groups have a completely different concept style.

“TWICE are lovely and beautiful, and we’ll be showing more of a girl crush image with bright and young energy.”

— Chaeryeong


Yeji thanked everyone for comparing them to a great girl group and promised to create a new path for ITZY.

“It’s such an honor to even be named alongside our super seniors. As much as each of our seniors are releasing music that fits their team’s characteristics, ITZY will go on to show off our ‘Teen Crush’ image.

We want to become a group that makes its own path with our own colors.”

— Yeji


Ryujin hopes that instead of being called the 2nd of any other group, they’ll be referred to as the first ITZY from now on!

“We’re thankful that we’re being titled the “2nd” of various seniors.

We also have our own colors, so we want to be called ‘The 1st ITZY’ from now on.”

— Ryujin

Source: Star MK and Sports World