JYP Entertainment’s Latest Trademark Sparks Super-Group Rumors

“Will it be like Got The Beat?”

Netizens allege they have figured out the name of JYP Entertainment‘s super-group.

ITZY | JYP Entertainment

On December 8, a post titled “JYP Entertainment’s Recently Submitted Trademarks” went viral.

In the post, a netizen uploaded several trademark applications allegedly submitted by JYP Entertainment. The trademarks are for the name TWINZY and were filed on December 6.

The author of the post speculated that the name might be used for JYP Entertainment’s super group akin to SM Entertainment‘s SuperM and Got The Beat.

Fans are saying the name is based on JYP Entertainment’s existing groups TW (ICE) I (tzy) N (MIXX) (NI) ZI (U) and will be the name of a project group.

— Netizen

Other fans chimed in the comments and fed into the speculation surrounding the trademark.

  • “I don’t think it’s for NiziU. Is it a unit made of TWICE and ITZY members?”
  • “Oh, I wonder who is in the unit.”
  • “It’s either an ITZY unit or ITZY dolls.”
  • “I think it is for an ITZY unit.”
  • “ITZY unit.”
  • “It might seriously be ITZY’s dolls.”
  • “Will it be like Got The Beat?”
  • “Wow, whatever it is, I am looking forward to it.”

What are your thoughts?

Source: theqoo