ITZY Yeji’s Visuals Are So Stunning At The “2022 The Fact Music Awards” That Non-Fans Are Falling In Love

She’s the girl people fall for at first sight.

Like always, ITZY delivered a killer performance at the “2022 The Fact Music Awards” (TMAs), complete with an insane dance break that transformed “SNEAKERS'” normally bright and exciting vibe into a total girl crush one.

The intro for “SNEAKERS” was much the same, with Yeji captivating everyone with her powerful moves and flawless visuals.

It’s no surprise that all eyes were on her because as soon as ITZY stepped on the red carpet for the award show, hundreds of non-fans started raving about her beauty, and it’s easy to see why. Even press photos look like high-quality fansite photos.

And if we look at the preview shots from ITZY’s performance, it’s clear why everyone is in love. Yeji’s charm is always stunning, but it’s explosive when she performs.

| @luna_hyj/Twitter
| @luna_hyj/Twitter

It’s hard to believe she’s even prettier in person since she’s already so gorgeous in pictures, but MIDZY can confirm this once they see ITZY on tour.

Yeji knows she’s beautiful, and to give everyone an even bigger heart attack, she posted on Instagram, leaving us jaw-dropped.

She’s a piece of art, and netizens couldn’t agree more.

Congratulations, ITZY, for winning “Artist of the Year,” and congratulations, Yeji, for once again stealing the show with your beauty!


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