ITZY’s Yeji Goes Viral As Fans “Try To Comprehend” Her “Insane” Dance Skills

“Holding my breath every time she moves.”

ITZY‘s Yeji is an incredibly talented dancer who receives praise for her skills, captivating presence, and energy every time she takes the stage.

Yeji’s “Artist Of The Month” | STUDIO CHOOM/Youtube 
Yeji “WANNABE” fancam | KBS Kpop/YouTube 

Although it’s never a surprise that fans can’t take their eyes off Yeji when she performs, her recent performance of “Cheshire” went viral for an unexpected reason.

Yeji’s “Chesire” fancam | 스브스케이팝 ZOOM/YouTube 

In a recent Inkigayo performance of “Cheshire,” Yeji gave a captivating performance that impressed fans even before they noticed a shocking detail.

| 스브스케이팝 ZOOM/YouTube 

Although many girl group idols have performed in heels, they typically don’t wear very high heels, or they wear shoes with good support for dancing. But in the “Cheshire” stage, Yeji performed in thin high heels while still managing to execute the complex choreography flawlessly.

| 스브스케이팝 ZOOM/YouTube 

One fan even made a “heels focused” fancam to show just how impressive Yeji’s dancing was.

Fans were shocked by how easily Yeji still managed to make the choreography look.

And believe that this just further speaks to her immense skills as a dancer.

There’s no denying that Yeji is an incredible dancer and performer; fans can’t wait to see what she will continue to achieve in the future.

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You can watch Yeji’s fancam here.


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