ITZY’s Yeji Pinpoints What Makes ITZY’s Choreographies Some Of The Most Difficult In The K-Pop Industry

Their dances leave them breathless.

JYP Entertainment girl group ITZY has been known for their performance heavy concept since debut.


Energy, synchronization, and clean dance lines—they often proved themselves as the years passed by. The ones who were most aware of what it takes to reach this level of expertise were the members themselves.

For instance, Episode 93 of ITZY? ITZY! showed the girl group practicing in earnest for their April 9 fanmeeting.

After doing “NOT SHY,” they danced to “ICY” without break.

The members collapsed on the floor as soon as the latter song ended, with Chaeryeong regretting being tired already.

We only did two songs in a row, two songs each time, but our dance is…

— Chaeryeong

Yeji comforted everyone by comparing their choreographies to other dances in general. She praised the hardworking attitude of other K-Pop idols while also being honest about the level of difficulty that ITZY faces.

Of course, other teams would get exhausted, too. They’d dance hard on the stage as well. But our dance is clearly [harder].

— Yeji

ITZY’s performances more often than not include many small movements connected to each other. They also require a high level of energy each time. According to Yeji,“There are more dance moves” compared to other choreographies which is why the members tire out quickly.

Finally, she admitted that “All moves are difficult” and so it was understandable why they were exhausted after a few songs.

When it comes to dancing, ITZY gives it their all! Check out what goes on in their practice sessions below.

ITZY’s Pre-Fanmeeting Dance Practice Shows Just How Much Work Goes Into Preparing For It

Source: YouTube