ITZY’s Yeji Was Concerned About Her Dress In Recent “Charles And Keith” Event, And Lia Came To Her Rescue Right Away

Get yourself someone like Lia!

ITZY‘s love for each other is genuine!

The five member girl group from JYP Entertainment has been with each other since pre-debut, training together for around half a decade before debuting in 2019. They’ve been through many ups and downs throughout the years and so their close bond is not a surprise.

Their protective nature was clearly seen in ITZY’s recent “IZ MINE” collection unveiling with designer brand Charles and Keith.


Here, the group posed in front of reporters while wearing formal attire. Yeji, donning a strapless black dress, was notably uncomfortable in her outfit. She tried to pull it up subtly so as to make it more modest.

Lia noticed right away and did not hesitate to shield her from the cameras, offering a measure of privacy while she completed her task.

Ryujin and Chaeryeong noticed soon after and offered their help as well. They turned their backs to the reporters and formed a protective shield around Yeji.

It was over in a second and they quickly returned to their places to pose for more photos.

The video of this sweet interaction made the rounds online and earned ITZY tons of praise. Fans couldn’t help but single out Lia for noticing Yeji’s predicament and aiding her without second thought.

She set a great example this day.


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