ITZY’s Yeji Breaks Down In Tears During Live Broadcast

She’s too pure for this world. 🥺

During a recent live broadcast, ITZY‘s Yeji opened up to MIDZYs and things got emotional.

As someone who doesn’t like to cry and appear “weak” in front of others, Yeji did her best to hold back her tears…

…but eventually, she couldn’t stop them.

She revealed her reason for crying is because she felt immense love and gratitude for MIDZYs who helped her gain a lot of strength recently.

But did you know, I really gained a lot of strength. MIDZYs, thank you so much.

— Yeji

She even tried to push her emotions aside, but MIDZYs are always supportive and encourage her to share her feelings.

She also made sure to clarify that her reason for crying is out of joy, not because she’s having a hard time. Even in her vulnerable moments, she’s always reassuring fans and making sure they’re not worried about her.

She showed her appreciation for MIDZYs through an air hug.

Her vulnerable moment showed just how special her fans are to her. MIDZYs love you just as much, Yeji!