ITZY’s Yeji Accidentally Starts A Fire During Live Broadcast

“Our dorm almost burned down!”

ITZY‘s Yeji recently held a live stream where she attempted to make pepero, but things didn’t go as planned! Her first step was to melt some chocolate so she could dip the breadsticks in it.

However, instead of stirring the chocolate every so often, she got distracted by other snacks lying around.

Soon, she realized there was a fire coming from the microwave!

As Yeji was off-screen, fans could only hear her panicking.

Luckily, no real damage was caused and the whole thing was just hilarious!

As she called up Yuna to ask what she did wrong, the fans couldn’t help but poke fun at her adorable mistake.

Don’t laugh! *LOL*

— Yeji

Her phone conversation with the maknae is enough to make any MIDZY crack up!

Yuna suggested a quick fix for helping the chocolate melt by adding some milk.

However, Yeji was even less prepared for that!

I only have strawberry mlk!

— Yeji

She decided to try her chocolate…

…but soon realized that it tasted completely burnt!

Yeji spiraled through a few emotions, from disappointment to laughter.

She might not have ended up with the delicious snack she was hoping for, but MIDZYs are just happy she’s okay!

Watch the full moment below!


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