ITZY’s Yeji Reveals A Habit That All The Members Share And It’s Super Relatable

“Here’s a thing about our members.”

ITZY‘s Yeji revealed a super relatable habit that all the ITZY members share while texting!

On the latest episode of 2TZY: Hello 2021, Chaeryeong and Yeji sat down to talk about food habits, texting habits, and more!

The topic of their text habits came about as Chaeryeong complained about the members leaving her on read when she shared pictures of food that she had made!

I cooked something and posted pictures of it, but nobody responded to that…Doenjang jjigae (Korean soybean paste stew), chopped steak! I plated the food beautifully and took pictures.


To that, Yeji hilariously shared that while she vaguely remembered the pictures, she didn’t reply to them, but instead only replied to pictures of Yuna‘s cat, Sarang!

Yuna’s cat, Sarang | Instagram

I didn’t respond to pictures of your food but to Sarang’s pictures!


Yeji then revealed that there’s a habit that all the ITZY members share when it comes to texting! All of them respond to only what they want, and only what they like!

Here’s a thing about our members. All of them only respond to topics they’re interested in. And when we’re talking about both they sometimes…just don’t read about what’s going on!


ITZY are so close, they even share habits now!

You can watch them talk about it here!