ITZY Yeji’s Trainee Stories With NMIXX’s Jinni Show Just How Close They Really Are

Their interactions are so cute!

During a recent live broadcast, ITZY‘s Yeji opened up about her close relationship with JYP Entertainment labelmate NMIXX.

ITZY’s Yeji | Naver

During her trainee days, she practiced alongside all five members of NMIXX. Having Jinni as her roommate at the dorm, the two are especially close and created fond memories.

Jinni would always ask Yeji to play and the two grew close.

Yeji found Jinni’s Busan accent extremely adorable when calling her unnie! Pronounced as “onnie” in Busan dialect, Yeji found her way of speaking too cute.

She also revealed how happy she was when she heard Jinni debuted and told her she worked hard.

She’s a friend who I cherish a lot. Please give a lot of love and support to her!

— Yeji