ITZY Yeji And Ryujin’s Twin Concept For Their “MIX & MAX” Performance Reflects Their 7-Year-Long Sisterhood

Yeji and Ryujin are true sisters at heart.

ITZY‘s Ryujin and Yeji are next for Studio Choom‘s “MIX & MAX” series, and in their preview spotlight video, the two delved into their concept for the performance. They also shared their most memorable moments and their thankfulness for each other.

For their performance, the inspiration was the movie “Terminal,” starring twin assassins on a mission of vengeance. To fully embody the concept of twinning, Ryujin and Yeji went all out, matching their makeup, clothes, and hair. Yeji even revealed that she hadn’t had bangs since middle school, but she wore fake ones for the sake of the performance.

Yeji, left and Ryujin, right | STUDIO CHOOM [스튜디오 춤]/YouTube
As Ryujin herself said, Yeji looks pretty with and without bangs. And with this little snippet, it’s clear that anyone watching will see near mirror images.

Besides talking about their concept, the two shared their most memorable moment together. Ryujin reminisced about the first time the two were in the same dorm together. It was a time when she had a lot of concerns, and she remembered that either she would climb up to the second bunk where Yeji was, or Yeji would come down to the first bunk where Ryujin was. During those times, they found comfort and strength in each other’s presence, and that hasn’t changed since.

True to their seven years of friendship, Yeji shares that their difference in age doesn’t matter because she always has a lot to learn from Ryujin, and she finds Ryujin to be a pillar of support.

Ryujin also said that when she’s caught up in emotions even she is unsure about, being by Yeji’s side gives her the strength to carry forward.

This strength is not just in their friendship but also carries over to their work. Because of their chemistry and shared passion for performance, working together for this “MIX & MAX” dance brought out their very best.

Along with Ryujin and Yeji, we’re all eager to see what the girls have prepared, and there’s no doubt it’ll be legendary. For more spoilers on the choreography, check out the link below:

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