ITZY’s Yeji And Ryujin Unexpectedly Photobomb Fans

These fans are so lucky!

The ITZY members are photobombing their fans unexpectedly!

K-Pop fan Jules (@idkmybffjulies on TikTok) posted a video while in South Korea that has now gone viral with 124.6K views at the time of writing. She was recording herself trying on sunglasses in a store, and ITZY’s Yeji just so happened to be right behind her, also trying on sunglasses!

When you take a video of yourself trying on sunglasses and don’t realize that there’s an idol standing right behind you.

— Jules


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This isn’t the first time an ITZY member photobombed a fan, though. In September, a girl was dancing the “CAKE” choreography in front of JYP Entertainment when Ryujin walked out and noticed, so she started doing some of the choreography, too.

Ryujin even mentioned it later during a live broadcast. The fan did not initially recognize her, but all the ITZY members loved the original video.

There were some fans… Well, actually, I don’t know if they were ITZY fans. But these people were shooting the ‘CAKE’ challenge in front of the building. Like, right in front of the JYPE building. Anyway, I was on my way out after just wrapping up video fan calls, so I had a full face of makeup on. When I saw them mid-challenge, I thought they might recognize me, since… You know. So I walked out, kind of like… Hehe. But then… (Laughs) I’m not saying they got mad at me at all. No, no. But they were like, ‘Oh… Someone’s coming. We should get out of the way.’ You know what I mean? (Laughs) That’s how it felt… Like they were doing the dance and then, when they saw me, they scooted over like—So I was like, all ready to say hi and stuff… but then I backed off, too, like, ‘Oops, I’m sorry…’ And I walked past them. I think later when they were editing the video or something, they realized that they ran into me. And I told the members about what happened. So Lia unnie saw the video, shared it to the group chat, and we laughed. I was like, ‘Yay, they finally figured it out!’ I thought that whole thing was funny.

— Ryujin

You never know when an ITZY member will appear!