ITZY’s Yeji Surprises Netizens With A Change To Her Appearance

She’s as stunning as ever! ๐Ÿ’•

ITZY‘s Yeji was born to be on stage; from her confident stage presence, her impressive vocal and rap abilities, her expressive dancing, and her striking visuals, she’s truly an all-rounder.

ITZY’s Yeji |

Yeji trained for three years before her debut as ITZY’s leader in 2019. She was referred to by ITZY’s senior labelmate, 2PM‘s Junho, as the “hidden weapon” of JYP Entertainment, and she has certainly lived up to that title.

Netizens and MIDZYs have fallen for Yeji’s charms over the years and continue to cheer the talented member on.

Recently, netizens noticed a key change to her appearance, which they pointed out on a popular online community forum.

Idols often switch up their looks, from dramatically different hairstyles, colors, and lengths to wardrobe overhauls.

When Yeji debuted, one of her gorgeous features that caught netizens’ attention was the beauty mark on her nose.




Fans loved the charming, distinct feature, but recently Yeji alerted fans that she would be removing the beauty mark.

Yeji recently made one of her first public appearances since the commonly outpatient procedure, and fans couldn’t help reacting to the new look.

ITZY’s Yeji without her beauty mark

Of course, Yeji is as beautiful as always! She shared through the paid subscription service Bubble that the mole on her nose was getting bigger, so the decision to remove it was a preventative health measure.

Fans are happy to see she’s glowing in her recent photos and are touched that she took the time to give MIDZY’s a heads up, showing her kind personality, though an explanation wasn’t necessary.

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Source: Nate Pann