ITZY’s Yeji Did The Most Wholesome Thing Ever For Her Childhood Teddy Bears

She’s the sweetest 🥺

ITZY‘s Yeji did the most wholesome thing ever—bring her favorite teddy bears to a doll hospital!

Yeji and her teddy bears, Dolee and Dolmin, go way back. She fell in love at first sight with Dolee when she first spotted it in a grocery store as a child.

My babies are very old. Dolee was here since I was 5 or 6 and Dolmin since I was 7. I went grocery shopping with my family and there were shelves full of dolls. I spotted a very cute teddy bear, and it became my favorite doll even until now.

— Yeji

Seeing how ardently she loved Dolee, her mom bought her Dolmin—a bigger version—a year later for her birthday.

I actually cuddled up with it. My mom saw that, and on my 7th birthday, she bought me the same one but in a bigger size.

— Yeji

In a recent vlog, she used her day off to head to the doll hospital to have Dolee and Dolmin mended.

Where are we headed to now? I’m taking them to the doll hospital today. That’s where you go when the dolls you cherish are hurt. It’s where they’re restored.

— Yeji

In the hospital, the doll doctor did a check-up on the two and she and Yeji decided what needed to be fixed.

One week later, Dolee and Dolmin were finally discharged from the hospital.

They looked better and healthier than ever! Yeji even had an emotional reunion with them, and she couldn’t have been more pleased with the results.

Dolmin’s nose was worn out but now it’s mostly full. Dolee was the sicker one. The older you are, the sicker you get although they only have a one year age gap. Great to see you again!

— Yeji

Watch the pureness in all its entirety in the full video below!

Source: ITZY