ITZY’s Yeji Wore A $10,000 Outfit To The Airport, But She Forgot One Important Detail That Made Everyone Laugh

She didn’t notice at all 😂

ITZY once again graced the Incheon International Airport with their appearance. This time, they headed to Nagoya, Japan, for the 2022 Asia Artist Awards, and they all looked gorgeous!

Yeji looked particularly eye-catching in a black turtleneck and flowy green trench coat. She accessorized it with a gorgeous bag that she held close to her body.


She looked so beautiful, it was almost as if she was holding a photoshoot in the airport.

Fans who saw her clothes noticed that they are from luxury brand Alexander McQueen. Everything together cost nearly $10,000 USD, which is more expensive than many college tuition fees around the world!

It may cost an arm and a leg, but something else caught fans’ attentions more. Yeji forgot one important detail in her outfit—zipping up her right boot, which many people found hilarious. 

They praised her for being “so cute” and “too likeable,” and they laughed when they noticed how chic she was walking despite forgetting to zip the shoe up. Finally, they hoped she’d be careful because it could cause her to trip and fall on the hard pavement.

Yeji isn’t the only member of ITZY who makes fans fall for her cool and funny personality. Maknae Yuna is another great example! See why for yourself in the article below.

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Source: Pann Nate


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