ITZY’s Yuna Receives Praise For Looking Like A California “Hot Girl” In The LA Sun

She looked effortlessly gorgeous.

ITZY recently traveled to Los Angeles for their world tour. As part of their promotions, they also appeared during the Random Dance event for fans. Yuna in particular received attention for her stunning but effortless look that fit perfectly with the Los Angeles vibe.

Her visuals shone even more in the California sun.

Her bright smile captivated everyone around.

She also had an adorable moment struggling with the cold.

Even so, she made sure not to lose her smile for the fans.

She’s a ray of sunshine!

The simple outfit made her stand out even more. It was a fresh change from their glamorous stage outfits.

In her crop top and cargo pants, Yuna looked like your quintessential cool girl. Netizens couldn’t help but shower her with praise.

| Nate Pann
  • “She’s the top celebrity in terms of looks by my standards.”
  • “Her features are really flashy, kind of like someone who would appear on a Chinese TikTok. Don’t misunderstand, I just mean that she looks so unreal.”
  • “I saw her during her middle school days so I know how she went around with braces. It’s true that she got her teeth laminated. But she’s still f*cking pretty.”
  • “No one can be this perfect.”

We love how happy she looks in the States!

Source: Nate Pann


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