Fans Express Worry For ITZY Yuna’s Health After Recent Photos Surface

Some are worried while some claim she’s healthy.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of body image issues or eating disorders that may disturb some readers.

ITZY‘s Yuna has always been known for her snatched waist and figure — on top of her incredible stage presence and skills. Her natural hourglass figure and ant-waist were the envy of many.

Yuna posing for a mirror selfie. |

While fans know Yuna to be a healthy eater and exercise-loving girl, they got concerned when a fancam from the girls’ recent fanmeeting in April 2022 surfaced. The girls looked significantly thinner, with their rib bones showing mid-performance.

ITZY performing at their fanmeeting.

Yuna, in particular, drew concern with her ribcage showing significantly even while standing still.

| @archiveespo/Twitter

Some claim that it could be the lighting that exaggerated the shadows on her body, while others grew increasingly concerned for her health.

| @archiveespo/Twitter

However, in other photos from the same day, her ribs do not show despite her slim waist.

Fans began to debate the issue under the fancam. While she has lost some weight from her debut days, fans are reassuring one another that she is eating just fine. Fans also accused the shocking photos of being edited to turn up the contrast, highlighting the shadows on her body.

| SanaOhHyoOhHyo/YouTube

Yuna even downed some pizza with the members right before the fanmeeting.

“I’m going to gain strength after eating! I love you!. | Dear. U Bubble via Nate Pann

Others are asking her company to monitor her health closely, given that she is still in her teens. It is easy for young girls to feel the pressure in such a demanding industry.

No matter, we just hope Yuna stays healthy and happy!

Source: YouTube