Filipina Actress Kim Chiu Had The Most Relatable Reaction To Being Noticed By ITZY’s Yuna

Yuna approved of her dance cover.

Filipina actress Kim Chiu is one lucky fangirl! The actress, known for her roles in TV shows like Tayong Dalawa (2009), movies like Bride for Rent (2014), and her YouTube and variety show appearances, has taken to TikTok to express her love for K-Pop.

Kim Chiu | @chinitaprincess/Instagram

She was noticed by one of her favorite groups on March 15 when ITZY‘s official TikTok account released a duet with her old dance video. Yuna reacted to Kim’s October 2021 cover of their song “SWIPE” from their Crazy in Love album. The video raked in over 250,000 likes in just four hours.


@kimberlysuechiu 님과 #듀엣 Enjoying ✨Swipe💃✨ #ITZY #Yuna #Kpop #Kpopdance #Swipe


The video opened with Yuna expressing her surprise at the Filipina actress’ energetic moves.

They jammed together to the chorus of “SWIPE.”

Yuna even copied Kim’s prayer-like hand movement and big smile.

Following the release of the duet, Kim Chiu quickly took to Instagram to express her shock at the interaction.

LIKE OMG!!!!!!😱😱😭😭😭 I didn’t believe at first then I checked itzy official tiktok account…. Like…. OMG!!! I cannot breathe!!! [I passed out for 5 seconds] 😂 YUNA saw my dance!!??? Can someone pinch me now!😍😅 [A bit overreacting but it’s legit!!!] #TIKTOKduet with ITZY Yuna REALNESS!!!!! #midzy here thank you!!!!❤️ made my night!!!😍💯

— Kim Chiu

Her reaction the moment she watched the video was also captured on camera, and it was clear that she was happy!

Ohhhh emmm gee!!!! Someone’s excited!

— Kim Chiu

This isn’t the first time Kim Chiu expressed her love for the JYP Entertainment girl group. She previously wore ITZY-inspired hair and makeup for her “NOT SHY” dance cover.

Besides Kim Chiu’s “SWIPE” short, the members of ITZY also reacted to other TikTok videos from MIDZYs around the world. Their content ranged from dance covers to outfit inspiration examples and more.


@julssure 님과 #듀엣 WANNABE shoulder dance together 😆 #ITZY #Ryujin #wannabe #shoulderdance #kpop

♬ original sound – ☆icm_triplets☆


@red_doll_ars 님과 #듀엣 Reaction to “outfits inspired by ITZY 🖤LOCO🖤 era” #ITZY #Chaeryeong #kpop #kpopfashion #kpopoutfit #itzyoutfit



Source: TikTok and Instagram