MIDZYs Trend #YunaYouAreBeautiful To Show Love And Support For ITZY’s Maknae Against Body Shamers

She absolutely deserves the praise!

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of body image issues or eating disorders that may disturb some readers.

Recently, fans of ITZY showed some concern for the health of the group’s maknaeYuna, after photos of her surfaced where her ribcage is extremely prominent.

While most people speaking about the subject were only worried about her health and safety, however, it seems that others took the opportunity to body shame and criticize the idol.

It’s hard to believe that someone as beautiful and sweet as Yuna could be facing such criticism, and fortunately, there seems to be an overwhelming majority who are showing their support and love for the ITZY visual.

| JYP Entertainment

Currently, the tag #YunaYouAreBeautiful is trending on Twitter, with fans flooding the social media platform with praise, compliments, and reassurance for Yuna.

They’re cracking down on the people cruel enough to body shame the idol, and we love to see it.

We hope that Yuna sees all this outpouring of love and support that she’s receiving, and doesn’t let the few critical people get to her!