ITZY Yuna’s Pre-Debut Photos As Floorball Player Goes Viral

She looked like she just popped out of a comic book:

With the growing popularity of JYP‘s new girl group, ITZY, netizens have been gaining more interest in the pre-debut photos of ITZY’s Yuna.

Yuna is ITZY’s maknae, or youngest member, and she has been receiving attention from netizens since before her debut through her beautiful pre-debut photos and appearance on Stray Kids.


This time, photos from her middle school days as a floorball player have been going viral.


Floorball is a sport like hockey that is played on the floor with five players and a goalkeeper.


With a tall height of 170cm, Yuna had apparently been athletic since she was very young and had even entered a floorball contest with her school team.


But more than her athletic skills, netizens were shocked at how beautiful she looked with her long black hair and the sports uniform.


She looked as if she had just popped out of an animation!


Check out more photos from her school days below:

Source: Dispatch