These Pre-Debut Photos Of ITZY’s Yuna Prove Why She Already Has A Huge Fanbase

The photos speak for themselves.

JYP Entertainment recently dropped a prologue film and introduced their newest girl group, ITZY.

JYP Entertainment Drops Prologue Film For Their Newest Girl Group ITZY


With five members total, they have become the center of attention as the first girl group to be produced by JYP since TWICE.


And while all 5 members’ visuals are so stunning that all of them could take the “visual” position, Yuna has been accumulating a fan base since long before her official debut and her pre-debut photos prove why.


Before being introduced as a member of ITZY, Yuna appeared on the survival reality show, Stray Kids.


At the time, she won over the hearts of viewers with her huge puppy eyes and cute charm.


Since then, she has continuously been attracting more and more fans who are mesmerized by her charm.


Check out these pre-debut photos that have stolen the hearts of her fans!

ITZY's Debut