ITZY’s Yuna Proved She Looks Cute In Anything… Even As A Clown

She’s the visual of ITZY for a reason!

Any fan of ITZY can tell you that the group’s maknaeYuna, is absolutely gorgeous. And even if you don’t know her well, it’s quick to see for yourself!

She’s often styled in really flattering, beautiful, and intricate outfits, which just enhance her visuals even more.

On a recent livestream with the rest of ITZY’s members, Yuna put on a wig that would likely be unflattering for most, but she still managed to look adorable in!

It was a rainbow clown wig, and the rest of ITZY’s members agreed that she looked super adorable in it.

She even danced in the wig, which made her look even cuter 😂

Several fans have commented on the occasion with various reactions.

It isn’t the first time Yuna has worn rainbow accessories or clothing, and she always looks beautiful in them!

There’s nothing that this cutie doesn’t look beautiful in!


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