ITZY’s Yuna Shocks Netizens With Her Unreal Features And Proportions After Arriving At Incheon Airport

“With big eyes and a small face, it looks like they used a filter on the photo….”

When it comes to visuals in K-Pop, ITZY‘s Yuna is one idol that has always gained attention from fans. Recently, Yuna shocked fans with her unreal visuals at Incheon Airport.

ITZY’s Yuna |

Since debuting in 2019, Yuna has always gained attention for her “Legendary” visuals wherever she goes. With her charming personality and talent, it isn’t surprising that she has been named one of the fourth generation “IT Girls.”


On January 12, the members of ITZY arrived at Incheon Airport to depart for overseas schedules. Of course, all of the members gained attention for their dazzling visuals, charms, and personality when greeting fans and the media.

Although all the members gained attention, it was Yuna who really shocked fans worldwide with her visuals.

Fans were there to take photos of the idol. In particular, many couldn’t believe that she was real and even thought that fans had put filters on Yuna because her eyes were so wide, her face so small, and her features so delicate.

| @yuna129square/Twitter
| @yuna129square/Twitter
| @yuna129square/Twitter

Dressed in more casual wear, Yuna looked like she was ready to hit a runway with her dazzling visuals and the look perfectly accentuated her figure and proportions.

| @yuna129square/Twitter
| @yuna129square/Twitter

Although netizens were quick to assume the photos of Yuna had been edited, after looking at the press shots from official Korean media outlets, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

In photos from some of the top media outlets, they posted similar photos showing off the same features, with Yuna’s wide eyes, small face, and dazzling visuals.

When the images were shared on a Korean forum, netizens couldn’t get enough of the idol’s visuals and couldn’t believe there were no filters on the images.

| theqoo
  • “Wow, she is the definition of ’Hot Girl.’”
  • “Wow.”
  • “Even though she is wearing lenses, her eyes are naturally big. She’s so pretty.”
  • “She looks so good, it looks like they used a filter on the photo. LOL”
  • “She looks like she’s a goddess in a webtoon. She looks so good it doesn’t make sense.”
  • “I thought they used a filter, but the picture looks similar as the one in the article.”

Of course, Yuna is not just a pretty face and always gains attention for her genuine personality. Yet, there’s no denying just how stunning the idol looked at the airport, and she seems like a character from a fairytale.

Source: theqoo and @yuna129square