ITZY’s Yuna Simply Performed At “Show Champion” And Her Visuals Became A Hot Topic

Yuna’s visuals have done it again!

ITZY performed their latest hit “ICY” on Show Champion today, and Yuna‘s visual powers have done it again!


Yuna’s visuals became a hot topic as multiple news reporters and netizens couldn’t stop talking about how gorgeous she was on stage!


Dressed in a vibrant one-piece dress with a hot pink waist belt, Yuna perfectly fit the theme of “ICY”!


Not only were her visuals on full-power today, but she was also living her best life joking around for her fans with her adorable personality!


Netizens and fans alike flooded the comments as they couldn’t get over her beauty. They complimented her as the “top visual” of all girl groups!


This isn’t the first time Yuna’s gone viral with her beauty, she’s become one of the most popular idol visuals in the industry! And it’s been like this ever since their debut!


Not only was Yuna’s visuals winning that day, ITZY also took home the 1st place trophy for “ICY”!


Yuna never fails to stun the world with her undeniable beauty!

Source: TV Daily