Fans Think That ITZY’s Yuna Might Have Become The “Queen Of Spoilers,” And Here’s The Hilarious Reason Why

The members were definitely shook!

There is nothing K-Pop fans love more than when idols accidentally give out spoilers to fans or, even better, when they want to give them out but try to do it in the subtlest way possible! Recently, fans noticed that a certain member of ITZY might have given away some information about future activities, and they can’t get enough.

The members of ITZY | @ITZYOfficial/ Twitter

Since Studio Choom started their Artist Of The Month videos, many idols have showcased their dancing skills for fans. Two of those happen to be ITZY’s Chaeryeong and Yeji, who slayed in their performances and showed just how versatile and diverse the members are with their talent.


During a recent broadcast, Chaeryeong and Yeji were discussing how they managed to prepare for their comeback and the Artist of the Month videos at the same time.

| @ITZYOfficial/ Twitter

Yet, out of nowhere, Yuna suddenly added, “We have one more person here,” and the other members seemed in shock after hearing what she said. The members didn’t know what to do after the spoiler and tried to change the subject. But Yuna seemed to understand what she had done and couldn’t stop a smile from forming on her face.

After the broadcast, fans couldn’t stop wondering whether she was hinting at another member appearing on the channel. In particular, they wondered which member it could be, and it seems as if a lot of pieces fitted together, making fans think it could be Ryujin!

In particular, when ITZY recently appeared on the channel as a group for “LOCO,” Chaeryeong actually recommended Ryujin to appear on the channel, adding, “I’m appealing to AOTM personnel, she’ll be able to show different aspects from me and Yeji Unnie.


If that wasn’t enough, after all of this, a fan posted a teaser they had made hoping that Ryujin would be picked, and Yeji thought it was real and got very excited on Bubble. However, Ryujin tried some damage control during a fan call when a fan asked her about the spoilers.

After the clips were shared, fans on social media couldn’t get enough of all the chaos. While others just hoped that the members were telling the truth!

No matter what happens, ITZY has proven just how much fun they like to have with each other and treat MIDZY whenever they can, even if they aren’t meant to!

Source: @satangryuu