ITZY’s Stylist Receives Criticism For Dressing Yuna Too Provocatively Despite Her Being A Minor

They called the stylist out.

ITZY‘s making a comeback with “LOCO” off their latest album, Crazy in Love. Their performance on Music Bank on September 24, 2021, would be the first reveal of the performance. However, when fans caught a glimpse of the maknae Yuna on her way to the recording, they couldn’t help but be shocked at the outfit.

No doubt, the girl looks GORGEOUS.

She’s a stunner for sure. However, fans felt that not only was the neckline too low…

…they had also given her fishnet stockings with intentional rips in them.

The tight leather dress with an incredibly short skirt did not help the case and the see-through sleeves did nothing to help.

While no doubt, a girl can dress however she likes without being called out for it, fans were upset at the stylist instead. With idols, more often than not, idols do not get a say in how they are dressed. Only the very famous and very experienced can help direct their outfits. It is unlikely that ITZY can control their own styling yet, on-stage anyway. What made things worse is that Yuna is still a minor.

  • “Gasp. She’s a minor???”
  • “She’s a minor. The stockings are too much.”
  • “She’s 19. Aren’t they crazy? This would be too much even for an adult but how could they do this to a minor…”
  • “A minor?? Is the company sane????”
  • “I’m not a fan so I can’t say I’ve seen all (their outfits) but I’ve never seen a pretty styling from them. It’s a skill in itself to make such pretty kids look like this.”
  • “The outfit is so-so but she’s a minor…”
  • “Creepy.”
| theqoo

The rest of the comments called out the company and stylist for sexualizing Yuna’s outfit too much and requested for them to change it.


Source: theqoo

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