ITZY’s Yuna Goes Viral After Proving She’s A True BLACKPINK Fan Ahead Of Their Comeback

Yuna never misses a chance to showcase her BLINK status!

One of the hottest girl groups in the world has to be BLACKPINK. Since the members debuted back in 2016, they have gained the love of netizens worldwide with their catchy music, dazzling visuals, and undeniable charisma.

It has meant that the group’s comeback is eagerly anticipated by BLINKs worldwide.

BLACKPINK comeback teaser | @BLACKPINK/Twitter

Yet, it seems as if there is one person who is just as, or even more, than BLINKs, and it’s none other than ITZY‘s Yuna. The idol has recently proved that the biggest K-Pop fans are idols themselves.

ITZY’s Yuna |

Over the past few years, Yuna has proved to be such a huge BLACKPINK fangirl.

Once, Chaeryeong even hilariously called her out, explaining that always singing one of the group’s songs. Another time, Ryujin explained, “There’s a song that Yuna sang just as much as ‘Forever Young’” as she went on to sing “How You Like That.”

Yuna was even caught by the media when she was photographed listening to the group’s latest album. Whether at the airport or during live broadcasts, Yuna has never been afraid to showcase her BLINK status.

Well, it seems like that BLINK status isn’t going away any time soon, and the group’s recent comeback might be the perfect time for Yuna to prove her fangirl role on an even bigger scale.

In a recent fansign clip that has gone viral, a MIDZY (ITZY fanbase) asked the idol how she felt knowing that BLACKPINK was having a comeback.

As expected, the smile didn’t leave Yuna’s face as she explained, “I’m really excited… Pink Venom.” For any K-Pop fans, they will know that “Pink Venom” is the title of the group’s upcoming album and Yuna’s reaction is truly priceless as she shares her excitement.

If that wasn’t enough, a new clip from the idol has once again made its way through the internet and reached BLINKs worldwide. ITZY has recently finished promotions for their track “Sneakers” and wowed fans with their performances.

In one of the fancams of the members before the performance, Yuna was seen singing and dancing to BLACKPINK’s “AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST.” Although no music was playing, Yuna seemed to be having the time of her life and getting excited and hyped for their own performance.

| M2/YouTube

| M2/YouTube   

Recently, Yuna revealed that she wanted to meet all the BLACKPINK members if she could…

After recent clips, it seems like what netizens want more than anything is for Yuna to interact with the group. Over the years, she has earned her “BLINK” title. Although they won’t be promoting at the same time, hopefully, there’s a way they can meet.

You can read more about Yuna and ITZY cementing their BLINK status below.

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Source: @lightfurryeji and Reddit