ITZY’s Stylist Under Fire For Putting Ryujin In Dangerous Shoes

If this carries on, Ryujin could get seriously hurt.

ITZY have been serving bigger and brighter vibes than ever during promotions for their new hit, “Not Shy”. However, fans have one big problem: the group’s stylist seems to be putting Ryujin in dangerously oversized shoes.

Allegedly the largest-footed member of ITZY, Ryujin’s shoe size is 245mm—around a US women’s size 7.5. However, throughout this year, she’s been seen wearing shoes that are far bigger. Fans first noticed the problem during “Wannabe” era.

When you look closely at her boots during this M Countdown performance, you’ll notice that the heels of the shoes seem to extend several centimeters past Ryujin’s ankles.

Now, the same problem has resurfaced during “Not Shy” promotions. At first glance, the white boots Ryujin wore while performing on Music Bank this week may not seem oversized. However, while watching Ryujin’s individual fancam, MIDZYs noticed that her feet seemed to be slipping inside the shoes.

The same incident occurred at least twice, indicating that Ryujin’s shoes were once again several sizes too big for her feet.

And that wasn’t all. Fans even noticed Ryujin looking wobbly during the group’s Music Bank interview that day—something even Yuna noticed.

Understandably, many MIDZYs are furious at the stylist for making the starlet wear oversized shoes. Not only is it likely uncomfortable, it puts her at far greater risk of tripping or falling during ITZY’s complex choreography.

The reason why the styling team is purchasing incorrect shoe sizes remains to be seen. Fans have been pressing JYP Entertainment for action since March, but evidently, the problem is yet to be resolved.

And this isn’t the only bone fans have to pick with ITZY’s stylist. Recently, many MIDZYs have been complaining about “ugly” and “mismatched” outfit choices. During this Show! Music Core stage, for example, fans found themselves asking why Lia‘s outfit didn’t seem to match the military theme everyone else had that day.

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