IU Becomes The 6th Member Of ITZY And Nails The “Not Shy” Choreography

JYP, are you seeing this?

The members of ITZY recently made an appearance on IU‘s show, IU’s Palette and it’s been the talk of the town!


On December 30th, the 5 girls of ITZY sat down with IU for an episode of IU’s Palette to chat about a multitude of things. It was the segment where IU danced along to their hit song “Not Shy”, however, that really got fans excited. It all starts off with member Chaeryeong teaching IU some key moves of the choreography.

Then Chaeryeong goes into the next portion of the choreography where both arms and legs are required for the dance. It was to this part that IU had the cutest response!

 Um excuse me, teacher? I can’t move my arms and legs at the same time.

— IU

Chaeryeong, being the adorable and amazing dance teacher she is informed IU that if it was too hard, she can just use her arms for the specific part. The other members of ITZY were impressed with Chaeryeong’s quick thinking.

Chaeryeong continues to diligently teach IU the rest of the moves for their “Not Shy” choreography, even teaching her the tricky head bop move. When IU is able to digest it, the members clap in awe.

Before dancing to the song altogether, the members of ITZY join in and inform IU that she can do the special move done by Chaeryeong during a dance break. When Charyeong showed her the move, however, IU had something to say.

 This is too hard too!

— IU

She may have complained, but she worked hard until the very end to show her viewers what they wanted. Finally, what you all have been waiting for. Here is IU as a temporary 6th member of ITZY dancing to “Not Shy”!

We think it’s safe to say that IU definitely lied to us when she said that she can’t move her arms and feet at the same time. She did incredible for having just a short amount of time to learn ITZY’s difficult choreography! The real question is, however, did IU execute the special dance break move that Chaeryeong normally does?

Oh IU! While it may have not gone according to plan, we think IU did an incredible job dancing to ITZY’s “Not Shy” along with the rest of the members. If you want to watch the entire episode, you can check it down below! The dance portion starts at the 25:00 minute mark.

Source: theqoo and Billboard