IU Admits She Asks Lee Jong Suk For Acting Advice And Gives A Glimpse Into Their Relationship — Calls Him “My Boyfriend” In Interview

“If there is a scene that I really don’t understand, I make an SOS call to my boyfriend.”

IU revealed that when she isn’t satisfied with her acting, she asks her boyfriend, fellow actor Lee Jong Suk for help.

IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram

IU, who recently spoke with media outlets ahead of the release of her upcoming movie, Dream, was asked if she spoke to her boyfriend, actor Lee Jong Suk, about acting, to which IU revealed she does.

Because we are in the same profession, we naturally talk about acting. Before filming, if there is a scene that I really don’t understand, I make an SOS call to my boyfriend.

— IU

Previously, IU and Lee Jong Suk shocked the industry when they revealed they were dating on January 1. The recent interview with media reports was also the first time IU spoke to reporters since acknowledging her relationship. Although the interview could have been uncomfortable for the star, IU also garnered attention for how naturally she referred to Lee Jong Suk as “My boyfriend.”

Lee Jong Suk | @jongsuk0206/Instagram

In the interview, IU also revealed that she had invited Lee Jong Suk to attend a VIP screening of her upcoming movie, Dream. When asked how she thought her boyfriend would react to the movie, IU answered truthfully.

Because the movie isn’t out yet, I am not sure how he’s going to react to my acting.

— IU

Some may not know that Dream is actually IU’s screen debut film. The film, due to hardship brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, was delayed, which is why IU’s Broker was released earlier. IU spoke about this in the interview.

I’ve worked on this project for about three years. Although Broker was released earlier, for me, it is meaningful that my first full movie is being released, and I am anticipating it with excitement in my heart.

— IU

Dream tells the story of a crude footballer, a jaded producer, and a rag-tag group of players who achieve their dream. The movie will be released on April 26. Check out the movie trailer in the link below.

Source: sbs news
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