IU’s Agency Releases Statement After Controversy About Some Fans Receiving Special Treatment For Her Documentary

They cleared up the rumors.

Singer IU’s agency EDAM Entertainment released a statement to clarify the controversy regarding her documentary production process. The agency released a statement through her official fan cafe to inform fans about a point they came across that could seem misleading to some.

Below is the official statement.

While monitoring the fans’ opinions about IU’s documentary, ‘Pieces: A Twenty-Nine Year Old’s Winter’, we were notified that there was points that could be misleading and we would like to inform you of the facts.

IU prepared this documentary after finishing her album, ‘Pieces’, because she wanted to give a meaningful gift to UAENAs. In order to closely capture to album production process, we met with the artist frequently up until recently. We are currently working on the last stages of the documentary.

⁠— EDAM Entertainment

After announcing the news of the documentary to the fans today, we were informed that some fans received separate phone calls from IU’s agency before filming the documentary. After fact-checking, we were able to confirm that the documentary writer had contacted some fans, based on personal judgement, and held interviews for the documents needed at the meetings.

The writer however withdrew from the project before the production of the documentary and the information collected from the interviews were not used in the documentary.

⁠— EDAM Entertainment

The production team, including us, did not receive any information regarding any of this in advance. We ask for you understanding that the statement was delayed as it took some time to confirm the exact facts. Once again, we sincerely apologize for causing concern.

⁠— EDAM Entertainment 

Previously, a controversy began online after some fans revealed that they had been contacted in advance regarding this documentary.

Source: newsis